5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness Every Day

When was the last time you saw the beauty of Sunshine? The chillness of the breeze? The smell of a flower? If you are ready to listen the rhythm of life of life, do read the blog as it explains the 5 ways to practice mindfulness every day.

What is mindfulness?

It is a psychological process of being aware of the present situation, without any judgement

What is the benefit of practising mindfulness? 

You have to accept- we all are busy running behind something. For a few, it is money-based, for a few it is life-based and for a few it is relationship-based. In this materialistic life, we failed to capitalise our control over life and emotional health.  

Practising mindfulness is a key to unlock your emotional well-being. Whether you are stressed, depressed or anxious practising mindfulness may help you feel better and makes you more connected with life. Here are the 5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness Every Day.

Perceive thoughts without judgement 

Identifying your judgemental behaviour is the initial step. Once you recognised slowly soften the tendency. Develop more acceptance, compassion and patience. Gradually allow yourself to accept and be aware of the thoughts that pops up in mind. Remember the goal isn’t to obtain a particular state or feeling. It’s all about being able to observe the things happening around. 

Prioritise the in-hand task

We all do multitasking which is more common in this fast paced  lives. You may more likely to do because of office deadlines, handling more personal responsibilities or to cover more subjects to get good grades. You may get the appreciation for those works but in bitter reality multitasking is neither healthy nor effective. Shifting between the points of attention slows down your productivity and focus. After accomplishing several things you may feel overwhelmed, tried and stressed. Hence focus at a single task and make a sincere effort to complete.   

Practice breathing technique

Breathing technique is a powerful tool to achieve mindfulness. Do it 10 to 15 minutes a term for several times a day. Close your eyes and concentrate on the sounds around you. Feel the sensation of air on the skin. 

Bring all your attention on breathing and feel the inhaling and exhaling air. Practising this mindfulness technique allows you to keep firmly balanced, grounded and positive.

Take a walk

In spite of making a point to walk somewhere select a place which is close to nature. Continue to walk irrespective of the weather conditions. Pay close attention to the sound, texture and smell. Watch your steps attentively, mindful walk enriches your day. 

Develop a healthy lifestyle pattern

In order to develop a healthy lifestyle, you need sincere dedication and commitment. Have a sound sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours. Add colourful fruits, green veggies and lean proteins to your meal. Do routine workouts for at least 20 minutes a day. Meditate every morning. Have action plans to distract your negative thoughts. Finding any difficult or if something out of control, don’t hesitate to seek a professional call us @+91 9513673735. Be mindful, Happy well-being.