Anxious everyday? Here's how you can get relief

Are you suffering from a pounding heart or a feeling of butterflies in your stomach? Do you sometimes feel as if you are about to pass out? How do you know if you are experiencing normal anxiety or something more serious?

While it is true that everyone feels anxious in situations that are pressure filled or stressful, but an excessive amount of worry and foreboding may indicate an anxiety disorder. 

This being said, there are some symptoms common to sufferers of anxiety disorder. The major symptom is becoming worried or fearful in situations where most people would not feel threatened.

The emotional symptoms of anxiety include trouble concentrating, a tendency to fear the worst, and feeling tense or jumpy. Physical symptoms include headaches, dizziness, upset stomach, muscle tremors and twitches, and a pounding of the heart. Some other symptoms are nausea and a feeling of detachment.

As troubling as these symptoms can be, anxiety disorders are highly treatable.

What causes Anxiety?

There are a lot of causes of anxiety; relationship problems, finances, work, stress, and sometimes it is just genetic and the person is going to naturally feel anxiety a little more than anyone else. There are cures for this condition though, and different anxiety treatment and therapies can help everyone deal with their anxiety and eventually conquer it.

How to get relief through Anxiety Treatment?

You can recover from anxiety disorder through appropriate anxiety treatment and a range of anxiety management methods. They help you manage the symptoms. Below are some treatments.

  • Psychotherapy - Treatments of this nature can definitely help in some way, as these are trained professionals skilled in the areas of cognitive behaviours. They have helped many to achieve anxiety attack relief.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: One of the most beneficial methods for coping with anxiety is CBT, which means to change your thinking. Anxious thoughts are common for people who suffer from anxiety, and cognitive redirection seeks to change those thoughts. You must first be aware when you are having anxious thoughts, so you can replace those thoughts with calming, positive thoughts.

  • Talk about relaxation techniques 

  • Talk about neuro bio feedback 

  • Medication - There are medications you can take that relieve you of the anxiety symptoms. It is always best to discuss these forms of treatment with your doctor to ensure you receive the right medication for your specific condition.

How to get self-help for Anxiety relief?

There are plenty of things that you can use, to begin with, the treatment. As treatment is what really our body needs. Your uncomfortable condition is your body's way of letting you know that something within you is not going the right way. That particular thing deserves to be addressed immediately.

Don't delay chances of treating your anxiety before everything else comes to worse which will make it harder to treat.

Keep these keywords in mind: dietary changes, exercise, relaxation and sleep. These are four of the most vital components of the whole healing process.

Self-help will never be about eat, and sleep tips. It should have more than that - maintain a dairy. And more tips that actually help with everyday anxiety

  • Let us take dietary changes first; it's as easy as following a healthy diet. Of course, you eat every day but how assured are you of the nutritional content of your meal? Are they even healthy? Well, it's time for you to reconsider the food that you eat. Make sure you're getting enough protein enriched food and plenty of fruits and vegetables, as they help you restore your nervous system. Drink plenty of water, too. Most of all, free yourself from too much alcohol and caffeine.

  • Second, on the list is an exercise which only a few have given value. You must know that exercise is essential for it removes toxins out of our body. Toxins that when stored in great amounts in our system will eventually result in an anxiety attack.

  • The third is relaxation, sounds interesting right? You may even have them every month but are those relaxations really what we call real and deep relaxation? If your form of relaxation makes you feel rested and relaxed like massage, yoga, sauna sessions, meditation and the like. Then, you are on the right track. I encourage to keep it up!

  • Last but not least is sleep, not just the usual habitual sleep but quality sleep. I tell you, a regular pattern of sleep and a good sleeping environment will really help. Try it for you to eventually feel a big difference.

Also, it is always important to be aware of your own behaviour or to get in touch with what is going on right now. Ask yourself- How much anxious you’re right now? Where did this episode come from...What triggered it?" You must be honest with yourself. 

Remember if you are changing your daily life to help yourself from anxiety attacks, or to avoid situations that may trigger an anxiety episode, then changes are very much in order! You are not coping with anxiety, you are caving into it.

Want To Find Out More?

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