Dealing with Breakup

Whether the relationship lasted for four weeks or four years, having a breakup can leave us lost, heartbroken, and even physically ill. It can have very real effects on the body and mind as well. While there is no such magic formula to get over this pain of a split, having healthy ways of dealing with breakup in place is vital to getting over and moving on with grace and strength.  If you are someone who is going through such a hard phase of life, we have something to tell: you are not alone. Below are some ways you can adapt to help yourself move forward and rejoice the way of life from a breakup. 

Ways of Dealing with Breakup - Worth Giving a read

Here are some of the healthy ways of dealing with a breakup:

  • Embrace the feeling: There is no right way of getting over someone despite the numerous manuals and self-help books that have been written. The only real way to deal with a break up is to deal with the breakup. However, it is important to remember that beating yourself up with all the guilt or sadness is not going to get you anywhere instead accept and embrace these feelings as a natural part of the healing process and allow yourself to feel whatever it is.

  • Write or talk it out: Let yourself feel what you feel, without any judgement. Write out your thoughts in a journal, having a good cry, talk to someone you trust or reach out to a therapist so you can gain clarity on why the relationship didn't work and why you would be better off without your ex-lover.

  • Take care of your body: Any person who goes through a break up naturally reduces or stops in taking food. Going on a “break-up diet” sure sounds fancy but why do you have to punish yourself and forbid yourself from a good variety of food around you? Maintain a balanced diet with stress-busting superfoods that can help you counteract the psychological stress of the breakup and boost your mood and energy.

  • Do things you love: It's hard to get excited about the things you loved after the split but the only way to start enjoying yourself is to force yourself to get out and do them. Treat yourself, meet friends, live and laugh. It helps improve your overall health and boost mood. 

  • Remind yourself of the great things in life: Breakups can cloud your brain especially when they are painfully making it almost impossible to look beyond the immediate feeling of loss and pain. Remembering all the things you appreciated might be difficult when you are so focused on the negative. Practising gratitude can help stabilize your moods and boost your well-being and brighten your life.

  • Get active: After a breakup, we tend to sulk and want to sit and cuddle and huddle and cry feeling sorry for ourselves while talking to others about it. Instead get off the bed and do opposite of it. Exercising can lower your stress levels, improve cognitive functioning and boost your mood while providing a healthy distraction from your worries. Try these relaxation techniques for stress

  • Learn love’s lesson: It is tough to accept that the relationship has ended but think about the invaluable information you have gained from the experience that you may not have received otherwise. The courage you found to face some of the issues that floated to the surface in the process of opening yourself up to another person. 

  • Give back: Do something where you can help others because that gives you a sense of empowerment as you open your heart.

Remember that Good Things Fall Apart in life So Better Things Can Fall Together!!

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