Do you think you are an Alcoholic?

Check these alcohol addiction signs - Do you think you’re an alcoholic or have alcohol addiction? It is a logical question and one that is asked all the time. There are many factors the come into play with alcoholism. There is no easy fix or a quick answer. However, if drinking has evolved to the point that there is a question arising inside in your mind, then there is a valid cause for concern.

Here are a few signs that tell whether or not you are suffering from Alcohol addiction. 

Alcohol Addiction Signs- Do you see in yourself 

Being an alcoholic is not just about how much you drink. Here are a few questions to answer yourself to see if you are having a drinking problem. These questions may be overwhelming, but if you trust your instincts, you may already know. 

  • Has drinking affected your health- with increased blood pressure, unexplained changes in personality or attitude, or you have made drinking on high priority? 

  • Do you face memory issues after drinking or blackouts? 

  • Do you get late for work just because you're drunk or in a hangover? 

  • Do you see periods of unusual hyperactivity or irritability in yourself after drinking? 

  • Are your relationships suffering? 

  • Do you skip activities just because you want to drink? 

  • Do you feel lethargic or spaced out? 

  • Do you consume alcohol at your workplace? 

  • Have you had any legal problems related to drinking?

  • Has drinking made you ignore your responsibilities? 

  • Have a friend or a family member been worried about your drinking? 

  • Have you been lying about your drinking or been in denial with respect to drinking? 

How did answering these questions make you feel? If two or more answers make you think twice, you might have an alcohol addiction issues and should consider alcohol rehab treatment for the good purpose. It is vital to seek help through an addiction psychiatrist or rehab.

Getting Help through Addiction Psychiatrist at Rehab

If at this point you have determined that you have alcohol addiction, you will need to find out if you need a detox. Detoxification will purge the chemical toxins in your system that has accumulated as a result of your alcohol abuse. The methods of detox that you use will determine how significantly you experience the withdrawal symptoms which may include:

  • Headache 

  • Nausea and vomiting 

  • Insomnia 

  • Anxiety and irritability 

  • Depression and fatigue. 

Once you have completed detox, it may be necessary for you to enter a program to help you continue your life without alcohol abuse. 12 step programs are the most common type of program after a detox rehab program, but there are other rehab treatment programs as well.

Talk about multi disciplinary approach.

Alternative Treatment Approaches

Holistic alcohol rehab treatment programs offer therapeutic interventions, meditation therapies to help put the mind, body and soul at ease and to help the body heal. Psychotherapy such as everywhere we dont use only cbt, there are others also. Esp for addiction there is MET, relapse prevention, neurofeedback. The basics only is missing. And these are not alternative treatment options. They are mainstream. Cognitive behavioural therapy teaches self-assessment and self-change techniques that help individuals to reevaluate their choices. They help them make decisions and to make productive choices and to develop positive habits and behaviours for a life that is alcohol-free.

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