How to help your child deal with peer pressure?

What is peer pressure?

This decade parents are more matured in parenting controls. They don’t want their child to feel peer pressure. In spite of giving such space, sometimes unknowingly we do induce peer pressure. 

For instances, you may want your child to learn a guitar just for the sake your neighbourhood child is learning. Or it could be, your sister’s son might get admission in a reputed international school, so you may instill your child to follow the same procedure. It’s understandable that, as a parent, what you do is for their future of your child, though its peer pressure.  

Here are some of the ways in which you can help your child deal with peer pressure-

Open and effective communication

Ensure open and effective communication with your child. Treat them and talk to them as they are responsible and capable of making the right decisions for their lives. Have them open up about what is concerning them and provide them with alternatives in terms of effective responses to their situation. Share your own personal struggles and what you had done to overcome them. If they are in denial of the problem, then start by talking to them about what concerns you with respect to their situation or what you have noticed.

Saying ‘No

It’s important to teach your kids to say no. Help them understand that it is important to say no to friends who make them feel pressurized to do things that are either bad or things that they would not want to do. Parents would have to help them realize that real friends would stick with them and respect their decisions and not pressurize them to do anything that doesn’t align with their value system.

Provide information

Provide children with information about risky behaviors, alcohol, and drug usage or unprotected sex and make them aware of the adverse consequences these could possibly lead to. While they may seem to be uncomfortable discussing these matters with you, it is important these topics remain discussed in order for them to have the right kind of information and make informed decisions.

Come up with a plan

Be resourceful and come up with a plan to help them deal with the situation and avoid peer pressure. This helps them be prepared in advance and they would be able to know how to respond in such situations, find their way out of such situations with little consequence or stand their ground.

Try to set age-appropriate limits and healthy boundaries

Have them know the family rules and values. Help them set boundaries of what is okay and what is not okay so they would know where to draw the line. Encouraging questions, discussions and explaining to them the importance of these values and rules you have set will help ensure the chances that they will stick by them.

Be calm

Try to be calm and patient with them when they have succumbed to peer pressure and made mistakes. Be careful to not act harshly as this would only worsen things. While you make it clear that this behaviour is unacceptable, also show them that you are there for them.

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