How to Improve your Self esteem?

If you have been suffering from low self-esteem for much of your life, you have probably heard all the common advice. You know how to improve self-esteem by saying positive things about yourself and trying to erase the negative "self-talk" that permeates your brain throughout the day. You know that you are supposed to dress to the hilt and look your best every single day, but what happens when none of this simple advice works?

"Self-esteem is made up primarily of two things: feeling capable and feeling lovable." - Jack Canfield

If you have tried it all and nothing seems to work, you are not alone. Self-esteem is a complicated issue and for most people, it simply cannot be fixed by putting on a new shade of lipstick or wearing a smart jacket. Self-esteem is harder to fix because it has deeper roots for most people. There was something along the path of your life that knocked the wind from your sail. There was something in the past that made you feel less than special, adorable, and worthy of all things good. Maybe it was a series of things or maybe it was just one incidence, but it was something tragic and alarming whether you knew it at the time or not. If you feel it so, we can help you Identify and challenge negative thoughts that are causing low self-esteem. Here you go!

5 ways to Improve Self esteem

What we think and do can affect how we feel about ourselves- This is self esteem. Here are 5 simple ways you can adapt to building self esteem and improve self-esteem in yourself. Go for it!

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Don’t let your Mind wander:

We all have what's called an "inner critic." When you let your mind wander towards negative town, the inner critics starts talking and won't shut up. Whenever you find yourself thinking about these kinds of things, it is best to do what you can focus your mind elsewhere. Read a book, go on a run. Don't let your mind wander towards the negative town.

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Never compare yourself to others:

Some of the most miserable people in the world spend their days comparing themselves to people they deem to be more successful than they are. The only person you should compare yourself should be the person you were in the past.

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Take the time to appreciate yourself for what you do, what you've accomplished, and what you're capable of accomplishing. It isn't self-centered to do so. If you see yourself in the positive light, the better the things will be.

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Try and Accept yourself:

Some might say this is obvious, and it is, but you’d be surprised at how many people have yet to fully accept that they are who they are. The fact that you’re even alive is incredibly amazing. It’s all up to you to be the best version of you.

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Do physical as well as brain exercises:

This one is simple. If you exercise more often or do any form of physical activity, you will start to feel better physically and mentally. Getting in shape is a proven way for people to improve self esteem.

The Best Self esteem Help

The best thing you can do for yourself is to start spending more time really getting to know yourself. You want to find a way to clear your mind and give some serious thought to your life and why it is you think so little of yourself. 

Getting to know yourself on a deeper level and unraveling those negative thoughts you have about yourself just may be your key to freedom from low self-esteem.

If nothing seems to help, please reach out for a support. We are here to listen to you, guide you and support you in every way possible. Call us today at +91 95136 73735.

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