How To Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

How To Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

I came across many people arguably saying long-distance relationship won’t work. But you know what? It actually works and it did for me. Hello, this is Raj, I am a husband of a wife who works abroad. We live poles and miles apart for more than 2 years now with a healthy relationship. Here am sharing tips that may help you built a successful long-distance relationship.

Before moving further, I’d like to say this to you

“Long-distance relationship isn’t easy nor complicated, but it lies somewhere in between the graph of that two axes. All you need is to plot it right!”

You may have chances of hearing a few chants from your parents, family members and friends or sometimes from your well-wishers too saying that, 

“You may not feel the true love essence in a long-distance-relationship”

“At times, distance makes you feel lonely” 

“Irregular communication may lead to a complicated relationship”

“At some point, you may lose interest in your relationship 

Beware, you may get heart-broken” 

So here’s your first tip,

Don’t believe in everything you hear!

Sometimes due to poor health issues or work-related stress, you may have a bad mood. 9 out of 10 people around you believe that is because of your long-distance relationship. Hence the advice you may get from them could be in the same lines. In that case,  with a negative mindset, we automatically believe the suggestions and reflect it back to the spouse.

Clearly, this is because of your carried away emotions. Hence keep in mind that, before letting someone give you advice tell them clearly, this condition is not because of your relationship.

Communicate well

In any distant relationship, communication matters the most! This doesn't mean that you must have hours of conversation. Make frequent communication and show them your care, doesn’t matter how minor it is.

  • Figure out which means of communication works best for the two of you. 

  • Video call often, seeing each other regularly can be delightful. 

  • Work on the time schedules, know each other’s free time. 

  • Before you are committing to any work leave a message to your partner. 

  • Keep each other updated and be available when they need you.

It’s the little things that matter the most!

Not all your conversations have to contain serious topics regarding relationship, dreams or hope. Talk about something simpler-

  • Something that made you smile today 

  • Something that makes you happy / sad 

  • Also, it could be simple as - food you wish you had for dinner.

Watch your words!

Remember, in long distance, the only way a person can understand you is by what you speak when you speak and how you speak. Your speech is both your verbal and your non-verbal communication. Make sure you don’t read in between the lines and be clear and have an open conversation.

Tips to remember in those circumstances are

  • Be careful with your choice of words

  • Try not to pick on past instances while in a low mood or during an argument 

  • Don’t take hasty decision during arguments

  • Best thing to do during an argument is take a break and connect back after  a while 

  • Accept your fault, when you are wrong

Make it a point to meet often

If time and budget permits, make sure you meet each other often. You could plan a surprise visit. Face to face communication improves trust, hope, and satisfaction with each other. Make the person feel special, visit on special occasions or a random day.

Trust each other

ITrust is the foundation of any long-distance relationship. Talk about how to build and maintain trust - keep each other updated, communicate openly, tell about your choices and preferences.

Make them feel special

One of the best ways to stay connected in a relationship is to make them feel special. It doesn't mean it should be a grand gesture.

  • It could be a simple mail, greeting card or it could even be a love letter. May sound a bit conventional, but works magic! Do this for no reason because craziness is an essential essence for love and romance... 

  • It could a be a bunch of flowers delivered to her on a Monday morning. 

  • It could be something you shopped for her online, because you thought she’d look beautiful in that 

  • It could be booking her for a hobby class, or a movie