Relationship Goals- What’s worth knowing?

While we all look forward to special bonding moments with our partners, most of us also think about committing ourselves to become a better person. Also It can be boggling when you jam your mind with a lot of things about setting relationship goals. Remember t is important to have focused on what you really want for and Everything else will then fall into place.

A happy relationship takes a little thought. It's all about investment of time and energy to make your relationship as great as it can be. Here are a few interesting relationship goals you might want to try. 

7 Relationship goals to rekindle the spark!

  1. Resolve to do things that are meaningful to both of you: Whether it is an activity or a hobby, choose something where you both can find the interest and dwell into. This would strengthen your relationship. This will allow you to grow together, bring you both even closer and have a new view of your partner.

  1. Resolve being more present with each other: How many couples do we come across out for dinner with their partners, yet stick over their phones? Please resolve not to continue it. Make a resolution to try to put away your phones or while at home, turn off the television, or laptop! Just be present. Give your significant other your full attention. Allow for a deeper connection to flourish between both. 

  1. Resolve to Communicate, not just ‘Talk’: When it comes to talking to your significant other, do you truly listen to them and reply back or do you talk to talk? A strong communication connotes a combined effort to have one's thoughts, feelings, and beliefs conveyed to another person. In fact, communicating and not talking can create a greater connection and understanding and, ultimately, an enhanced relationship. So, resolve this new year not to just 'talk' but ‘communicate'. 

  1. Resolve to Bring back the fun element: As the relationship becomes a routine, you may miss the fun element, too. At the beginning of a relationship, you may have a lot of fun with your partner as things are new and exciting. As and when you get comfortable in a relationship, all the other factors such as stress, children, family, come into the picture, the fun tends to fade. However, it is important to continue to have fun and try and be silly together — it will keep you both more satisfied and happier.

  1. Resolve to treat your partner with at least as much respect as you would to a complete stranger: Admit it. You're unfailingly polite to people you don't know, always remembering to say "excuse me," or "please" and "thank you." But familiarity does sometimes breed contempt. Or at least a tendency to take your partner for granted. So make an effort to notice when your partner does something nice for you, no matter how small the gesture, and say "thank you."

  1. Resolve to listen all the way through your partner's conversation without interrupting: It's so tempting because you've been together enough to know what your partner's going to say, right? And you already have the wheels turning in your own head to find a solution to the problem, right? And you don't need to hear the rest because you've got a fix. Well, slow down. Take the time to notice that your partner may not want answers or even advice. Just someone to listen-really listen-to their concerns may be all they need.

  1. Resolve to do something nice and unbidden: It's the little things that count. Bring your partner coffee in bed. Pick up his favourite fruit at the farm stand. Shine her shoes while you're doing yours. Tell him how handsome he looks in that sweater. You get the idea. The grand gesture isn't necessary to show someone you love them. Sure, it's great to surprise him with plane tickets to London, as long as you're sure he wants to go. But it's not about expensive purchases. It's about showing your partner you think of them and want to do loving things for them.

The above-mentioned relationship goals can seem simple and definitely worth trying. Although there is no such relationship you can call perfect, yes there are ways to revamp your relationship by making resolutions and make it more communicative, exciting, and fun. 

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