Schizophrenia Treatment

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), Schizophrenia affects more than 21 million people worldwide. 

Schizophrenia is a chronic mental illness wherein structural changes in the brain or medical imbalances are said to cause a bizarre or distorted sense of reality, behaviours, emotions, movements, and experience periods of delusions and hallucinations. It requires coping skills and management strategies on a long-term basis.

Over the years, there could be plenty of reasons for the rise of numbers. Lack of awareness on treatment options is one among them. Are you are person who is struggling with Schizophrenia? 

You don't have to wait for anything in order to begin coping with schizophrenia disorder. There are no excuses that are acceptable. You can start overcoming your schizophrenia disorder, the sooner and the better. All you need to do is know about schizophrenia treatment.  This blog highlights the treatment options available for schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia Treatment Options

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

This therapy focuses on the behavioural and thought patterns of the individuals. With the help of therapist the individual identifies the negative thoughts and behaviours that trigger the symptoms of schizophrenia. Furthermore, the individual and the therapist work together to develop coping skills to anticipate/ control the triggers.

Cognitive Enhancement Training

Cognitive enhancement training is one of the effective treatment plans for schizophrenia. Here the individual learns to utilise his/ her potential strength and mental abilities. The objective of the recovery program is to train the person to sharpen their attention span, strengthen their coordination skills.

Family Therapy

For any mental or physical health condition support system is vital. In severe cases like schizophrenia, ‘support system’ becomes a mandatory factor. The whole idea of the program is to educate the family members about the illness and the symptoms. Presence of family support motivates the individual to put more effort into the recovery processes.

Electroconvulsive Therapy or ECT

The medical professionals opt for ECT when the individual is allergic to medications or failed to seek improvements in treatments. A small amount of electric current is inducted into the brain through the forehead by means of electrodes. This effective program has a positive effect on the symptoms of schizophrenia.

Rehab programs

Social skills training

Here the person develops the skills that are necessary to reincarnate into the society. The ultimate goal of the program is to make the person understand the social cues and act accordingly.  With the help of counsellors and psychosocial programs, the individual redefines their social skills and interpersonal relationships.

Holistic Therapies

The therapy focuses on the overall well-being of the individual through holistic therapies. It includes yoga, guided meditations, physical workouts, music therapy and reel therapy.

Maintenance follow ups


In any mental health condition, medical management is the key for early recovery. In schizophrenia treatment, medication is effective in reducing the symptoms especially positive symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions. Effective medications for schizophrenia may instil combinations of antipsychotic, antidepressant, anti-anxiety medications. 

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