Signs of a Toxic Relationship

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Do you feel frustrated, obligation, exploitation and confusion when you give in to the demands of someone you love? Do you say “okay” when you truly want to say “no” in a relationship?  

These might be signs that you are in a toxic relationship. It can be difficult for some people to get out of these unhealthy relationships for several reasons.  Read on for more signs- 

8 Signs of a Toxic Relationship you should be aware of 

Here are 8 major signs that you might be in one of these toxic relationships.

1. Being let down 

One big sign of toxic relationships is that your partner is always putting you down. This could be comments about the way you look, and are or your family or anything which makes you feel less about yourself. 

2. Actions speak nothing

Another sign is that your partner might say that they love you but they never show or display what they actually mean. 

3. You’re the one who feels guilty

One of the top signs is that your partner is in denial. Your partner always refuses to admit they’ve done something wrong, hurtful or harmful when they clearly have. This can make you feel guilty and sometimes you doubt your own conscience. 

4. Your partner suspects you all the time 

A toxic partner will always want to be reading your emails and text messages. They will even go through your cell phone history to see who you have been calling or who you have been receiving phone calls from. They want to know what you are doing and who you are with.

5. You're the one who always needs to change

The controlling person will always want you to change as per their needs and desires. They want you to change to suit what they think you should be, not necessarily what is best for you. 

6. Mostly dependent on you

If you are in a toxic relationship, your partner will try to make you very dependent on them. This type of dependency could take on the form of financially, emotionally or socially.

7. Fights more often 

Another big sign of a bad relationship is that your partner blows up very easily and any slight mistake that you make causes a fight. And always you will be blamed for it. 

8. You don't feel yourself completely being in this relationship

In a toxic relationship is one in which your happiness and/ or your well-being is being sacrificed. The toxic relationship tends to drag you down or steer you away from leading the life that you want for yourself.

The most important thing is to realize that you are in a toxic relationship, and then you need to take steps to deal with it. If you think that this relationship is worth saving, then you really need to communicate clearly with your partner that they need to start respecting you. If not there would be none other choice than leaving the relationship, for your wellbeing. 

A healthy relationship is a two way street. In a toxic relationship, it's only a one-way street. Only you can change that, but you first need to take the power into your own hands.

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