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Child & Adolescent Psychology - Child Counseling

Mental health is an essential and important part of a child’s overall health. Yes, it has a complex influential and interactive relationship with their ability to succeed in life. Your child’s poor mental health can have a bad impact on how they feel, think and act. 

According to research studies, it is estimated that 15 million young children worldwide are currently diagnosed with some or the other kind of mental health issues. Also, many of them have chances of developing the disorders of which the risk factors may include genetics or heredity; within families and communities and also from other peers. This highlights the need and great attention of having an early diagnosis of the disorders, good clinical expertise who can provide scientific and evidence-based treatments. 

Hence an early diagnosis can help with the best child psychology and development treatments and effective interventions to help them cope and manage life. The treatments in child psychology behavior and development includes problem focused and solution-oriented therapies and treatments. It is a practical approach to the elimination of emotional issues and behavioral problems by successfully reducing the problematic behaviors. It can also assist with strengthening the families as well. 

Child counseling can provide the necessary tools to decrease individual and family risk factors through skill building strategies and focused interventions that help with improving child relationship with the family.

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    Adolescent or Child Counseling- When is it useful?

    Is your child dealing with any of the below-mentioned symptoms of psychological issues such as- 

    • Drop in the school performance

    • Poor grades in the school or college

    • Severe anxiety or worry 

    • Refuse to go to school, or involve in the activities which they love to do 

    • Hyperactivity

    • Being disobedient and show aggressive behaviors

    • Persistent nightmares

    • Thinking of causing self-harm to oneself

    • Inability to cope up with daily activities

    • Irregular eating and sleeping habits

    • Difficulty with concentration

    • A prolonged negative attitude which is accompanied by poor appetite 

    • Severe mood swings

    • Adolescents repeatedly using drugs or alcohol to escape from their problems.

    Child development psychology and teenage psychology does have a range of sub-specialties that includes- 

    • Behavioral psychology: It involves the science of changing negative behavioral patterns in a more healthy, positive, and happy way. It also addresses the disruptive and attention-seeking behaviors into a better behavioral habit.

    • Developmental psychology: It involves the study of child development in different spheres to that of psychosocial and cognitive development.

    • Adolescent psychology: Adolescents aged between 12 and 18 suffer from psychological distresses including depression, anxiety, eating disorder, antisocial behaviors, teenage coping issues. Adolescent psychology helps them deal or manage the condition.

    • Child psychology: It aims to treat children suffering from psychological disorders such as mood disturbances, anxiety, disruptive behaviors, phobias, separation anxiety, etc including personality disorders.

    If your child is facing an emotional or behavioral problem? Why worry when Mindtalk is there. At MindTalk, the child psychology and development will be handled by a team of dedicated psychologists and psychiatrists who will provide appropriate counseling for child behavior, manage the assessments and bring in the right form of psychosocial/ emotional support which your child or an adolescent needs.

      What intervention strategy or procedures do our psychologists follow for adolescent or child counseling? Here they are- 

      • Diagnosing and treatment of developmental or learning disabilities

      • Administering psychological tests

      • Behavior modification

      • Conducting research on childhood development in a scientific manner 

      • Work with a dedicated team of experts and create a unique treatment strategy and plan for the child or adolescent dealing with psychological issues. 

      We can assist your child in all the best ways we can. If in case you come to see any of the previously mentioned psychological or behavioral issues in your child, do not wait, reach us for help. Remember, your child deserves to be okay in every walks of life. Call us now! A great way to catch your reader's attention is to tell a story. Everything you consider writing can be told as a story.