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Counseling Service

What Is Counseling Service?

Counseling is a talk therapy that addresses all your emotional difficulties through psychological guidelines. A well-trained counselor or a therapist works with the client to understand the problem and explore ways to deal with it.

How can talk therapy help me? 

According to the experts, talk therapy is one of the effective methods to deal with psychological issues. Through the sessions, the therapist works with you to address the issues you have been dealing with you and help you navigate in enhanced emotional well-being. 

As the sessions progress, you may feel the difference in your day to day life. It may take about 3-4 sessions for you start noticing the changes and notice the improvement. You might start experiencing the positive side of your life with  the aid of the focused coping skills that you gain from the talk therapy.

What type of issues can be addressed through counseling?

Counseling service can help you to overcome/ deal with a range of issues. It could be simple day to day difficulties and something more intense like various psychological conditions that includes,

If you are through issues such as,

  • Feeling sad or worried about life events

  • Getting irritated for little things 

  • Unable to express your feelings

  • Being unable to maintain work-life balance

  • Having troubles in relationship

  • Parental issues 

  • If you have any issues related to behaviour

  • Any sleep related issues

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                Types of counseling

                Individual counseling

                It is also known as one on one counseling, here the sessions involve you and the therapist. The purpose of each session is to analyse your state of mind and reasons for the emotional issues. Individual counseling is one of effective ways to acquire greater mental strength, insight and mindfulness.    

                Relationship counseling

                Relationship is the central core of our psychological well-being. Studies have shown that our psychological well-being increases when we build healthy relationship with friends, family and partner. Sometimes, maintaining a relationship becomes complicated when you experience issues such as poor communication, marital issues, infidelity and breakdown in relationship. All these issues can be addressed through relationship counseling.

                Family counseling

                Through counseling service you can emphasize the source of encouragement, support and love with your family. This therapy helps you rediscover the bond in relationship with the family members. With the help of family counseling service you can also troubleshoot problems such as relationship conflicts, parenting issues, communication difficulties, grief and loss of loved one. 

                Addiction counseling

                If yourself or your family member suffering from any addiction related issues such as alcohol addiction, drug addiction, substance abuse, or any behavioural addictions, then you can opt for addiction counseling. Addiction counseling incorporates many evidence-based therapies which help yourself or loved one to overcome /handle addictions related issues.

                    How do I know if I need counselling?

                    • Feeling stuck! 

                    • Feeling lonely! 

                    • Totally confused about something 

                    • Want someone to talk to. 

                    • Feel like you are experiencing a mind block 

                    • Difficulty in dealing with relationships 

                    • Easily irritable 

                    • Sleep difficulties 

                    • Mood swings 

                    • Unable to deal with difficult past 

                    • Something bothering you way too much. 

                    If you have any of these issues as mentioned above you are strongly recommended to consider to opt for respective counseling services.

                        What are the benefits of counseling?

                        • You can feel the difference in your thoughts when you speak to someone neutral. It can leap you a step forwards from your  immediate situations.

                        • When you start sharing your emotional difficulties to someone, you less load inside head.

                        • You develop better knowledge and clarity in understanding your own issues.

                        • Above all counseling helps you with the ability to communicate and boost your relationship with others.