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Before you can treat depression you have to know exactly what you are dealing with. Depression is no laughing matter because about more than  15 million people worldwide suffer from it. The most troubling aspect is that only about 1/3 of those people seek help. It's the stereotypes associated with mental illness that plague far too many people.

Here are few signs that can tell you may be into depression-

  • Extreme sadness for no reason

  • Loss of pleasure or interest in activities you usually enjoy.

  • Sleeping too little or too much

  • Feelings of excessive worry or guilt or worthlessness 

  • Difficulty in making decisions

  • Trouble in concentration or thinking. 

What Psychological Treatments can help you with depression?

Psychological treatments used by therapists are very effective in helping a person to treat and even recover from depression. One of the most effective treatment for depression is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

  • CBT is a structured program which recognizes that the way people think affects the way they feel.

  • CBT helps you think in an rational manner about common difficulties, helping a person to change their thought patterns and the way they react to certain situations.

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        Interpersonal therapy (IPT). This therapy is a short term therapy and mostly restricted to 15-20 sessions. Each session lasts for about an hour. The main approach to this therapy is around the root problem of depression. It is very helpful for a person to come out of the traumatic relationship or interpersonal events.

        Psychodynamic therapy  involves working through the trauma or conflicts at childhood and though considered short term the procedure takes time. 

        In Group therapy people suffering from similar trauma get a chance to interact with each other and often it proves to be very effective or share the experience and ways to handle it.

        These treatments can be instrumental in treating your depression when combined with combination of psychotherapies and medications to the extent that you can live a very happy and joyful life.

        Depression is a disease, just like a cold, the flu, or any other. Of course, if you pretend you don't have it, it will simply become worse over time. Also, just being diagnosed is not the end of it. Once you know that you are suffering from depression, you need to find an effective depression treatment to acknowledge the problem, banish denial, and keep an open mind. 

        Once you've done that, it's a short step to treatment, and management, or even a cure. Remember, its undiagnosed depression, in nearly ninety percent of suicide cases, which acts as a catalyst.

        Depression Treatment for 

        • Depression treatment for  elderly

        • Depression treatment for  seniors

        • Depression treatment for  young adults

        • Depression treatment for  teenager

        • Depression treatment for  adolescent

        • Depression treatment for  dementia patients

        • Depression treatment for  autism

        • Depression treatment for Bipolar

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        It must be noted at the outset that teenage depression can often be missed or misunderstood as part and parcel of being a teen. Depression in teens is much different than the usual mood swings. 

        There are warning signs that indicate your teen is or may be depressed such as 

        • Lack of focus: Poor school performance after a period of time with acceptable work and grades could be one indicator. 

        • Social Withdrawal: You may see your teen start to withdraw from friends, family and activities.

        • Loss of interest: They may quit a favorite sport or refuse to go to activities with friends and spend more time isolated in their rooms. 

        • Feeling low: They may appear to be deeply saddened and lack enthusiasm and/or motivation.

        • Behavior issues: Your teen may express hopelessness, anger or rage. 

        • Lower self-esteem: Self-esteem may be at an all time low and they may feel like they cannot do what they set out to do. 

        • Difficulty in Judgment: Making decisions, inability to concentrate and forgetfulness may occur.

        • Agitation: Though they have become somewhat isolated, they may also be restless and agitated. 

        • Substance abuse: There may be chances of drug abuse issues or suicidal thinking.

          If you see any of these warning signs of depression in your teen, do reach out for help. Our therapists will assist your teen in all the ways possible in dealing with depression. Call us today!