Dr Arun Kumar

SPECIALITY: Consultant Psychiatrist, 

Qualification: MBBS, MD(Psychiatry)
Dr Arun Kumar  - Consultant Psychiatrist

Hello, I’m Dr. Arun Kumar V, psychiatrist consultant working at MindTalk. I am a confident and caring person who is keen working towards helping people with emotional difficulties heal as well as restore their well-being. I believe that the feelings and thoughts of every person will be unique. According to that, individual treatments should be designed, administered and treated. In a collaborative approach, I assist people by helping them heal through staying committed to their recovery. 

With excellent theoretical knowledge and communication skills combining with good knowledge of clinical practices and protocols, I address people who are dealing with critical emotional situations in a more flexible, adaptable and a non-judgemental manner. I aim to establish the best psychiatric practices to provide treatment to people with psychiatric diagnoses. I do provide compassionate and comprehensive treatment for all the psychological, behavioral, physical and socialization needs.

I am an extremely motivated person with an avid interest in the Mental health care of the human living. If you have any issues troubling your mind, Think wellness, Think MindTalk.

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