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Employee Assistance Program

We spend a large part of our lives at work. We network with colleagues based on our active lives in the workplace. But with all the time we spend at work, how healthy is the work environment? The answer to this question has become the focus of a growing number of companies that provide employee assistance programs.

Did you know, the number of people in the workforce who are affected by personal and work-related issues is, by the way, quite significant. Some estimates say that 20 to 30 percent of working people suffer from issues such as:

  • Work stress 

  • Workplace bullying

  • Relationship conflicts

  • Job insecurity

  • Substance abuse

  • Financial difficulties

  • Addiction

This is where the necessity of EAP Counseling arises to help a lot of people manage through tough times and get back to full productivity quickly.

Employee Assistance Program

What is an Employee Assistance Program?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a work-based program that offers short-term counseling, confidential, free assessments, and follow-up services to the employees having work-related and/or personal problems.  EAP counseling addresses a wide range of complex issues affecting the emotional and mental well-being of a person. 

EAP counselors also work in a collaborative way with managers and supervisors to address employee and organizational challenges and needs and help them cope and prevent workplace trauma, violence, and other emergency situations.

EAP Counseling Services

The EAP services include individualized treatments, evidence-based treatment plans, coaching and skill development, family and personal intervention plans, safety development, coping skills development and psychoeducation.

Who can seek EAP counseling services?

If you are an individual who is dealing with the psychological issues such as workplace problems, substance abuse, addiction-related issues, stress, depression, family conflicts, relationship or marital conflict, parental conflict, unresolved grief, domestic violence, and other psychological disorders can come out and seek EAP services to get the best help to deal with your problems. 

Need of EAP services for an Organization- corporate counseling services

If an organization does not employ an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) service, then it is not only turning a blind eye to a key employee health and wellness issue. The productivity of the organization is also dependent on the emotional health of the employee. Poor mental health of the employee has a bad impact significantly on the bottom line of their business such as productivity, absenteeism, attrition, and engagement, among others.

That's because the personal and work-related issues that follow around your employees have a very real impact on their willingness and ability to perform their jobs. 

According to researchers, companies who have encouraged employees to use EAPs have found a direct relation between assistance programs and an increase in overall performance and job satisfaction.
EAP services for an Organization

How do EAP programs work?

EAP counselors along with the individual work together in a consultative way to understand the individual's behavior in the context of the work environment. Employee assistance programs cover around 3 to 5 sessions for employee per year. They understand how external stressors such as relationship or family issues can affect workplace cohesion. An Employee Assistance Program also recognizes that office culture and structure can often create internal stress. The goal of an EAP counselor is to identify the issues and implement a course of action that will benefit both the individual and the company.

Also, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to identify where home or work-related stress is interfering with job performance and office productivity. Once this has been established the supervisor should make the employee aware of the services available. Each session is kept confidential and details of employees are not shared with the company.

EAPs are voluntary and an employee cannot be forced into seeking help in this way. It is part of a supervisor's role to maintain productivity in the office and to ensure employees are able to develop.

EAP involves 24 hour helpline, health talks on regular basis on campus, counselors available on site, conduct webinars on various emotional health issues. EAP is a program that is chosen by various companies to provide and enhance a supportive care for their employees and where they also extend this to the families of the employees.

EAP Program Benefits

EAP services aim to service the holistic needs of the employee in order to service the needs of the company. An EAP specialist will assess the needs of the employee requiring assistance and the address the problem. The other benefits of going for EAP counseling services include-

  • EAPs help with restoring workplace morale, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity within the organization. 

  • They are cost effective and employ only certified top quality professional affiliates. 

  • EAP services specialize in resolving workplace conflict and work-related stress. 

  • Their objectives lie in getting the employee back on track so that they can continue to contribute to the company in a healthy and productive way.

  • EAP services are strictly confidential and an employees utilization of an EAP program has no bearing on their job. Companies would rather their employees speak to an EAP representative for a referral to a therapist so that the issue does not impact the employee's job performance.

EAP initiatives are integrated into the workplace as part of the health, safety and training programs of the company and in conjunction with labor regulations. The main aim of an EAP is to maximize the health consciousness of employees so that they can return to work with renewed strength and capabilities.