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Family therapy or family counseling is a type of psychotherapy that helps in reducing distress and interpersonal family conflicts through improvement in the interactions between the family members in a complementary approach. Family therapy is intended for addressing specific issues affecting the emotional health of the family members, such as mental health conditions or major life transitions.

When is a Family therapy Counseling or Family counseling required?

Here are points that tell you when it is vital for you to reach out for family therapy programs in Bangalore . Have a look- 

  • A major trauma or a sudden change in the behavior of a family member impacting the entire family 

  • The unexpected loss of a family member or bereavement 

  • Having troubled relationships with children, partner, or other family members

  • Financial problems at home

  • Impact of drug abuse or a mental illness over the entire family.

  • Domestic violence or sexual abuse 

  • Parental and child conflicts

  • Divorce

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How does Family therapy works? 

Family therapy or family counseling center bangalore is a basis of psychological or complementary approaches such as cognitive-behavioral, experiential, and psychodynamic therapy. It is carried on by a family therapist or mental health professional such as family counselors and psychologists who have completed formal training in family counseling in bangalore approaches. 

The mode of counseling is short-term and solution-focused. It includes family members attending the sessions on a regular basis with a specific treatment plan depending on the situation and goals of therapy. The family therapist helps the family member by teaching skills to improve their connections and also to get through their stressful times, and the necessary tools to help them cope in future as well. 

Family counseling involves problem-solving sessions and discussions with the family members. These sessions can be carried out as a group or individually. Here the interpersonal relationships are examined and communication among the family members is strengthened.

Family therapy aims to promote collaboration and understanding among the family members in order to solve the issues. For instance, if your child is having academic problems at his/ her school, therapy focuses on improving the family patterns that can help in evaluating your child's behavior. You can learn to support your child and help him/her work proactively.

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Benefits of Family therapy/ Family counseling services

  • Family counseling can beneficial on many levels. It can help in- 

  • Helps in developing and maintaining a healthy boundary within the family

  • It fosters good communication skills among the family members

  • Family therapy aims to promote problem-solving skills through the understanding of family dynamics and patterns  

  • It builds a strong understanding and empathy 

  • It reduces the family conflicts 

  • Helps in treating mental health issues impacting the family such as depression, chronic illness, substance abuse, and food issues.

What do you learn from a Family therapy?  

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Family members will learn to examine the family's ability to solve issues

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Learn to express emotions and thoughts in a productive manner


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They will explore family roles and behavior patterns for identifying issues and conflicts and work on ways to solve them 

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Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the family members.

Family relationships are viewed as important for good mental health, regardless of whether all family members are participating in the therapy. This ideal therapy method helps family people to adjust to  immediate family member who is struggling with an addiction, medical issue or mental health diagnosis. It is also recommended for improving communication and reducing conflict.

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When family members go through the changes, it can be difficult to adapt. Thus, family counseling services can assist family members to help and support each other through the difficult times and reduce arguments and conflict and grow stronger. If you are having any problems as a family member, whatever’s is the cause, Family therapy can help to understand and communicate better and resolve the differences. Review the below frequently asked questions about family therapy that can help you. 

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