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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment 

For Myself

If you don't love yourself enough to heal, those you love will bleed for your wounds. PTSD can affect anyone! 1 out of 2 people experiences trauma at some point in a lifetime. Around 20% of those people can go on to develop post traumatic stress disorder. Trauma can be a result of anything which can be fear, helplessness, and horror such as assault, road traffic accidents, natural disasters, the death of a loved one, wars, acts of terrorism and traumatic childbirth.

What are the signs of post traumatic stress disorder? Here you go-

  • Flashbacks of traumatic events such as the death of a loved one, sexual abuse, accidents, disasters, etc. 

  • Intense emotions

  • Hypervigilance

  • Outbursts of anger

  • Panic attacks

  • Tense muscles

  • Relationship problems 

  • Nightmares

  • Exhaustion

  • Amnesia

  • Social withdrawal and fear.

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    PTSD can be treated. Even years after the traumatic event, tomorrow can be a new day. With the best post traumatic stress disorder treatment options, you can learn to- 

    • How to manage the crisis, solve problems and communicate effectively

    • Taking care of yourself and managing your stress

    • Learn about the treatments and therapies that can help in managing post traumatic stress disorder. 

    If you are suffering from this debilitating illness, you can rely on us for help. Therapists at MindTalk can assist you to learn to cope successfully with a major challenge in your life, and that, in turn, will help you work towards your recovery. 

    Don’t let the invisible scars ruin your life. Contact us today to know the best Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD treatment options. We are here because you deserve to be okay. 

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        Did you know 1 out of 4 young adults suffers from a post traumatic stress disorder. How to know if your teen is having PTSD? Here are few signs to see- 

        • Feeling suicidal

        • Self-harm and self-destructive tendencies

        • Feeling distrustful and suspicious/blaming others

        • Guilt, shame, embarrassment or self-blame

        • Misuse of alcohol/drugs/gambling and/or food 

        • Seeking out high-risk/dangerous pursuits 

        • Physical aches and pains

        Your teen's traumatic events can cause a physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological harm. The traumatic events in your teen may include- 

        • Community Violence

        • Disasters

        • Complex Trauma

        • Domestic Violence

        • Medical Trauma

        • Early Childhood Trauma

        • Refugee Trauma

        • Physical Abuse

        He/she experiencing the distressing event may feel threatened, anxious or frightened as a result. In some cases, they may not know how to respond or may be in denial about the event such an event had had.

        PTSD treatment and strategies help cope with and reduce symptoms of PTSD by most valuable therapeutic interventions. They help to build resilience, cultivate self-compassion, induce relaxation to manage the pain. As the focus always remains unwavering on PTSD, and the experiences of affected individuals and their families, MindTalk is a gem in the understanding treatment and prevention of the complex traumas and PTSD.

        If your teen is dealing with PTSD, leave your worries to us. We are there to help your teen to deal with it and live a fulfilling life. Do not hesitate, please do make a call to us for the best PTSD treatment.