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Specific Learning Disability Treatment 

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What is a specific learning disability in a child? It is a psychological disorder that involves lack of understanding or in using language, spoken or written, that may manifest itself in an imperfect ability to listen, speak, think, read, write. 

What symptoms tell whether your child is suffering from a specific learning disability? Here they are- 

  • Problems learning the names and sounds of letters 

  • Inconsistent spelling

  • Putting letters and figures the wrong way-such as writing "6" instead of "9", or "b" instead of "d"

  • Confusing the order of the letters in words

  • Reading slowly or aiming errors when reading aloud

  • Visual disturbances when reading- may describe letters and words as seeming to move around or appear blurred

  • Answering questions well orally, but having difficulty writing down the answer.

If your child has a specific learning disability and is finding it hard to cope with life, they are not alone; about 10 percent of children are diagnosed with a specific learning disability worldwide. As a parent, we understand how overwhelming it can be to grapple with this diagnosis. But no matter when your child was diagnosed or even if you are still trying to get a formal diagnosis, now is the time for you to take action. Here's what you need to do if you suspect your child with a learning disability:

  • Understand your child’s individual needs

  • Access early intervention services

  • Consult a team of therapists

  • Find and integrate appropriate therapies and treatments

  • Build a strong support system for your child

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Monitoring all of these will help you get the care, treatments, therapies, and services, your child needs as quickly as possible. 

There is a range of specific learning disability treatment and services which are available to children. They can help them find advice/ support, to get involved in leisure activities or to find somewhere they are happy to live. If your child is dealing with specific learning disabilities and finding it difficult to deal with or manage with day to day activities or progress through academics? You can leave all your worries to us. We can help your child live life to the fullest. 

Our therapists at MindTalk can assist your child with evidence-based intervention strategies for communication and social interactions. It is our mission to provide every family and individual with learning disability with a place that they can receive the help that they need to reach every goal of living and excel through life. 

A better life is awaiting your child! Do not hesitate, call us now. Think well-being, Think Mind Talk.