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Manic Depression Treatment

Manic Depression treatment

Manic Depression or, as recognized now, Bipolar Disorder (BPD) is growing to be a more and more serious condition with a lack of awareness into how to manage it.

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Anxiety symptoms in Man

Anxiety Symptoms In Men

‘Anxiety Symptoms In Men’ title feels a little fiddly, isn’t it? Because many of the people think “men are strong, why would they get anxious”,...

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Online Counseling Therapy

How Online Counseling Therapy helps students?

Online counselling is a great emotional support portal designed to encourage and facilitate mental wellbeing.

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Who are we?

In this ever changing and evolving social and cultural milieu and ever progressing scientific understanding of the brain and behaviour the role of Residential psychiatric rehabilitation centres also is changing and demanding. CADABAM'S established in the year 1992 with a mission to offer "home away from home" type of facility and service which was the need of the hour then when  psychiatric rehabilitation was in its very nascent stages to this day whenPsycho social rehabilitation has become one of the specialities with evidence based therapies for RECOVERY. 

CADABAM'S today has specialitycentres of excellence evolved with specific therapeutic program to suit the needy person with mental health problems while a team of mental health professionals strive with family for successful reintegration.


MindTalk Counseling Center - Services & Treatments

MindTalk is your neighborhood counseling center with services offered for various psychological and emotional difficulties for all the age groups of people. The counseling is provided by expert psychologists and psychiatrists in a   and eclectic approach. 

The qualified professionals at MindTalk follow evidence-based practices in treating various conditions of distresses such as sadness, irritability, low mood, depression, stress, anxiety, etc at affordable services. 

Want to know more about MindTalk? Get in touch with us today and live life to the fullest. Think wellness, Think MindTalk. Call us now!

Meet the Professional Team

Dr. Arun Kumar V - Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Arun Kumar V

Specialty:     Consultant Psychiatrist

Qualification:     MBBS, MD(Psychiatry)

Hello, I’m Dr. Arun Kumar V, psychiatrist consultant working at MindTalk. I am a confident and caring person who is keen working towards helping people with emotional difficulties heal as well as restore their well-being. I believe that the feelings and thoughts of every person will be unique.

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Ms. Nithi Sharma - Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Nithi Sharma

Specialty:   Consultant Clinical Psychologist


Hello. I am Ms. Nithi Sharma and I am an Expert Clinical Psychologist at MindTalk, Bangalore assisting people with various mental health conditions and distresses such as anxiety, depression, stress and behavioral or sexual issues.

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