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About MindTalk:

MindTalk, your neighbourhood counseling centre you can reach out to anytime

It is a comprehensive wellness clinic that helps people with emotional issues and get the appropriate support from our therapists. It is one of the initiatives of Cadabam’s Group. 

Our team consists of therapists and psychiatrists, each of whom has significant specialization and experience in tackling issues such as stress, depression, family and relationship conflicts, anxiety, child behavioral or development issues, addiction-related issues, traumas, etc. To make the counseling sessions feasible and convenient, we do provide you with online counseling through video, audio calling or chat group sessions. 

Individuals can choose therapists, book or schedule appointments and have private and confidential help they deserve to get. 

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About Cadabam’s Group:

Cadabam's Group is the best psychosocial mental health provider in the whole of Asia started with the vision of "Enabling Access to Quality mental health care" since its inception in the year 1992. The organization has now developed as a focal point of greatness for the treating various mental health issues in social and cultural stages. 

Having a group of dedicated wellbeing experts, Cadabam's Group today is one of the best rehabilitation centers across the globe with evidence-based treatments for different mental health problems as well as for substance abuse issues.

Cadabam's Hospitals:

A Center with Neuropsychiatric care services. It has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for various areas of mental health care.


A center for psychiatric illnesses disabilities. It is a center for short term and long term rehabilitation with allied living services with various therapeutic programs to choose for all types of mental illnesses.


A center for drug & alcohol De-addiction. It is a exclusive de-addiction center with unique programs and therapeutic interventions for treating addiction at International levels of care.


A center with Tri-star care facility. A psychiatric rehabilitation center with professional care for residents providing privacy and exclusivity during their most crucial time of recovery.


A halfway home for discharged people. The center assists persons with psychiatric disabilities in all stages like acute, sub-acute, crisis intervention, short-term rehab, long-term care to experience a more improved quality of life.