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Autism Treatment

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Did you know 1 out of 68 children is diagnosed with Autism worldwide? The rate of increase in neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism spectrum disorder is still doubling every 5 years, without any palpable willingness from people to address the issue. Families are feeling isolated, helpless, heartbroken- and are often at their wit's end financially.

An early intensive intervention can make a difference. The disability can cause significant social, behavior and communication challenges and issues in your child.

It is crucial for you to know that the symptoms often emerge between 2 and 3 years of age. A proper diagnosis at a young age can help to improve the possibilities for early interventions.

By understanding and learning about the warning signs of autism spectrum disorder in your child can get an early intervention help.

  • Inappropriate laughing or giggling

  • No real fear of dangers

  • Apparent insensitivity to pain

  • May prefer to be alone

  • A difficulty with expressing their needs

  • May avoid eye contact while speaking

  • Difficulty in interacting with others

  • Inappropriate attachments to objects

  • Not smiling at people

  • Loss of skills at any time 

  • Not responding to sounds, voices, or name. 

  • Focussing on objects keenly

  • Not recognizing a joke

  • Not showing interests in sharing things

  • Poor eye contact

  • No babbling pointing or meaningful gestures

  • Delayed language skills and speech.

autism spectrum disorder treatment in india

If you see any of the above signs in your child, please reach us. An accessible approach to developing the potential of your child with Autism is through- 

  • Teaching them basic skills 

  • Improving their communication

  • Enlarging their social experiences & working on social skills  

  • Neurofeedback

If you have a child with an autism spectrum disorder, we can teach and help them learn their best and be more independent.

Remember, Its time to listen to your child. You are their voice and they are your heart. Change the life of your child who is struggling with Autism, and help them build their future.

We believe it is crucial to help increase the understanding and acceptance of people with Autism. Get to know how autism treatment can make the life of your teen easy to live. Call us now. 

Don't give up there’s always hope for Autism. You can help your child live a happy, healthy, full life even with Autism. Our experts/therapists can provide the appropriate support and care which you and your child walk through everything you need to learn and do for dealing with autism spectrum disorder. 

Know more about the best treatment of autism spectrum disorder for your child today. It's time to listen for the wellbeing of your child. ​Schedule an appointment today with our therapist. Do not hesitate.

We are here to help you! At MindTalk our therapists can provide you a mindful approach for helping your child suffering from Autism focus and succeed. Offering both a compassionate insight and a wealth of information, MindTalk can be the most essential road map for every parent, caregivers and the loved ones of a child with Autism. Find out more information today about the best autism treatment for your child. Call now!