Confused between Psychiatrist or Psychologist- Who to Choose?

If you often feel low, sad or depressed, it is important to seek help. But where to go? And, how do you know whom you should talk to about this? Whether I have to look for a psychiatrist or psychologist? If and so you have these questions surrounding your mind, then if you're unsure of the differences between the both, then you are not alone. We can help you with understanding with what roles do a psychiatrist or psychologist play?

Difference between Psychiatrist or Psychologist

Psychiatrist or Psychologist show similarities in some ways, but they do show differences, too in the way of approaches and education. Here’s what to know to help you decide psychiatrist or psychologist- who's right for you?

How they are similar?

A psychiatrist and psychologist, both are trained to practice treatments and help the individual deal with mental health problems. 

Psychiatrist or Psychologist is there to talk individual through problems and aim to provide them with the coping tools and skills to manage the issues of everyday life. But the differences in training and background translates into different approaches to solving your mental health problems. 

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      How they Differ?

      To know a psychiatrist or psychologist differs, here is the difference between them-

      Who is a Psychiatrist?

      Who is a Psychiatrist?

      A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who graduates from medical school and has a year of medical internship completed, and also who has completed 3 years of practical assessments and treatments of mental health disorders.A psychologist has a doctoral degree in the field of psychology (the study of mind and also human behavior). Psychologists are not medical doctors. They can have a PsyD in counseling psychology or a Ph.D. in philosophy. Typically, the psychologist does 1-2 years of internship.
      The most common distinction between the two fields is this- being medically trained, Psychiatrist prescribed medication. They diagnose the problem and provide an appropriate treatment for the same.While a psychologist doesn’t prescribe medication, but they are involved in providing psychological tests such as Personality tests or IQ tests.
      A Psychiatrist has a strong sense of neurochemistry and biology.  They are involved in mental health diagnosis and often prescribe medicine based on the issue.Psychologists have a close look at your behavioral patterns and your thinking patterns. They understand the Dysfunctional patterns of behavior such as your eating patterns, sleep patterns, and negative thought behaviors that might be the cause for your emotional distress.

      Whether similar or different, one thing for sure is that both the roles of a psychiatrist and a psychologist are built around a strong relationship based on confidentiality and trust.

      Psychologist Counseling or a Psychiatrist Therapy Session- Just get the help!

      For different kind of mental health issues, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, where psychological symptoms may seem to be severe and it may be hard to take care of oneself. 

      Learn to manage your emotional health, relationships. If you are struggling with emotional turmoils, it is vital you speak to Psychiatrist or Psychologist today and get the necessary help and support as soon as possible. We can help you through. Call us now at 9513673735 or visit MindTalk today.