How to Know if You Need Psychiatrist Consultation?

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Most of the people often use the term "Doctor" interchangeably with a "Psychiatrist". If you are on the similar lines, then here we have something to tell you as when do know you need a proper Psychiatrist Consultation? The simple thing you need to understand is that psychiatrist is, in fact, a doctor, he is just a specialist. Yes, you heard it right!

Consider the case of a disease such as Cancer. General doctors don’t diagnose this condition – in, fact, a specialist does that – in this way it should be true in case of a mental health disorder. Anyone with mental health issues such as stress, depression, personality disorders and many other should have a proper mental health evaluation done by a certified psychiatric professional or simply psychiatrist. Otherwise, situations could do a world of harm by not recognizing such complex mental illnesses.

For a simple understanding here it is- A general doctor does physical examinations and prescribes few antibiotics and also does looks down your throat all day. But, None of that will help you with a case of a depression or a schizophrenia or a bipolar disorder.

When and how to go for a Psychiatrist Consultation?

Speaking out the diagnosis stage, here’s when exactly you need to have a Psychiatrist Consultation done.

  • You feel sad or everything is intense

  • You can’t stop thinking of the traumatic events in your life

  • You have recurrent headaches, unexplained stomach-aches 

  • You’re using drugs and alcohol to cope with your life

  • Feeling stressed at the workplace

  • You feel disconnected in your life

  • You have strained relationships

  • When you have gone through two or more diagnosis

  • When you aren’t feeling better or not feeling yourself at all by any means

  • When you have failed even though you had taken anti-depressant medication

Having diagnosed by a psychiatrist for your specific mental illnesses can do a lot of help with managing and coping with the condition by keeping the symptoms away through early diagnosis.

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