What does depression feel like?

Depression just feels terrible! So, how does it really feel to be depressed? Read it here..

I’ve always been a person who people usually view as easy going, obstinate, a bit of laughter.  I am Sam and I work as a professor at one of the well-known colleges in the city. I suppose I hold all of those names above but it’s not the whole story. Let me tell you what I’ve experienced from bouts of depression throughout most of my life alongside where it hasn’t had any relevance in my life at all until I seeked help.

Depression makes you feel like you are on a treadmill.

First, it feels like being in a dark and sorrowful void. Suddenly, you feel that life is not worth living anymore. Ironically, what used to be worthy and useful now gain no importance at all. You are continually restless even when asleep. 

Secondly, you lose interest in the things you like and you lose the sense of purpose in life. You do not find meaning in what you are doing in the present and you resist the things you love doing.

Within you, there is an endless emotional battle and you just feel so divided and vulnerable.

Worse, you suddenly become overly sensitive and sentimental. You can even cry anytime for common reasons or for no reason at all. These painful sensations simply make you feel like being in a deep and dark hole, there at the rock bottom or the bottomless hole. You wonder when you will come out of it or whether or not coming out is worthwhile. When depressed you feel worthless and even useless.

The toughest part of depression is looking for a way to tell people how you feel, but seemingly you cannot. It seems you are sneaking a terrible secret. Needless to say, depression is a major risk factor for suicide. The deep despair and hopelessness are a cry for help.

I remember I felt ashamed of myself for feeling depressed like somehow I had failed in my life. And, that’s what depression does to you: it makes you feel like a terrible failure. That's it. Feelings of depression are among the worst blows life can give you. But facing depression and putting it behind you is among the best gifts you can give to life. There is hope in the midst of depression.

A Depression Psychiatrist can help you

Sometimes you find a tiny ray of hope even amidst the darkness...

When you are in a state of depression, it is often helpful to contradict yourself. When you are depressed, it can be healthy not to believe in you because you are not being you at that moment. Acknowledge and Seek help outside you. 

It is not easy to be and appear vulnerable especially if you are used to seeing yourself as someone strong, independent and self-sufficient. With the best depression treatment, depression psychiatrist can help you be yourself again. They can help you learn how to face depression in a healthy manner and you will come out of it better and stronger than before. 

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