Cadabam M. Ramesh - Chairman

Chairman's Message

Dear Friends, It was year 1992, a divine intervention and passion to serve people with mental health needs inspired me to start Cadabams Psycho Social Rehabilitation Centres. We are nearing 25 years, and it’s been a satisfying journey of Recovery, Reintegration and Care. Cadabam’s was started in memory of my sister Late Amitha M Cadabam who was a person with Mental Retardation. The pain and agony of my parents in supporting her and their desperation to improve her quality of life with limited care options available at that time acted as catalyst in my pursuit to serve those with similar problems through Cadabams rehabilitation center. Immense support of my wife Mrs Sudha R Cadabam in this endeavour, being my moral and emotional support and Ms M K Saraswathi who added professional charm to whole of serve many. Mr Ananth Rag Yalamurai has been the force behind all the quality management and training at Cadabams. We at Cadabams have been striving to spread are treatable and provide care which is not limited to physical but embracing family and psycho social aspects as well.

With warm regards
Cadabam M. Ramesh 

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