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Home Based Counseling in Bangalore

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Home based counseling is where the therapist visits the clients home and provides counseling  at his/ her premises who is dealing with emotional problems. In simpler terms, it is like having counseling therapy sessions from the comfort of an individual's home.

Home based Counseling is managed by an interdisciplinary team of professionals basically called therapists, who all have extensive experience in providing behavioral consultation, individualized psychotherapy, and a full range of psychological services. It is a specialized program that focuses on to support individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders, many of whom also have complex medical needs

Home counseling is usually preferred where people cannot reach out to the therapist office and/or if any psychiatric emergencies are seen. 

Home counseling uses various therapy models like mindfulness, REBT, cognitive behavior therapy, and many others for therapy. It is also beneficial for family therapy sessions, when all the family members could be available. 

What type of issues does Home Counseling Services cover?

in home mental health therapy services

In-home counseling services can be availed by individuals or family members to get support through an emotional crisis and manage the mental health needs of a person.

Typical home based counseling program deals with issues such as:

  • Depression &  Anxiety

  • Grief-reaction

  • Interpersonal conflicts

  • Family dispute  

  • Symptoms of Trauma

  • Behavior Management

  • Life Skills development (communication, time management, and social skills)

  • Life coaching

  • Anger Management & Conflict Resolution

Home based Counseling- How it works and what to expect? 

In home based counseling, the therapeutic sessions are typically scheduled weekly or on a schedule determined necessary by the therapist, and they are held privately. Both the therapists and the person work together to understand whatever issue is ailing the individual. 

Many in-home therapists work with the partner who will serve as an additional support during the therapeutic sessions, and, in some situations, one or more members of the family may participate in the counseling session.

In many cases, counselors prefer home-based therapy since it makes it easier for both of them to connect with an immediate support network in a controlled environment. Also, having the therapist come into the home to provide home counseling increases the individual’s sense of well-being and level of security, thereby making the sessions more practical and impact.

Benefits of Home Based Counseling Services

The collaborative process and its benefits go far beyond just meeting the basics. By employing the therapeutic techniques, best possible results can be seen such as:   

  • It strengthens and enhances familial relationships

  • It breaks the cycle of abuse or addiction related issues within the family atmosphere

  • It empowers families in developing a community support system

  • Provides a continuous and customized care to family needs

  • It improves the caregiver discipline practices

  • It decreases the involvement with the child’s deviant peers

  • Increases family associations with positive influences

  • It helps to improve vocational and/or academic performance of a family member

  • Helps the person to engagement in positive recreational behaviors

  • Anger management and social skills development.

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