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Psychotherapy is a way to support people with mental illnesses as well as emotional difficulties. It gives a supportive environment to the person allowing them to talk freely with a therapist, who is neutral, objective, and non-judgmental. The sessions remain private and confidential between the client and the therapist. Both of them work together to recognize, identify and change the thinking patterns and behaviors that are keeping the individual away from feeling best.

Through psychotherapy, you will get to learn new skills and tools that can assist you in dealing with your issues in a better way and understanding for different perspectives.  

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Psychotherapy Types:

There are many types of psychotherapy.  Most of them have been scientifically proven to bring positive changes in the lives of many people and also 75 percent of the people who consider psychotherapy do benefit. 

Some of them may have a treatment plan that may include only one type of psychotherapy, while other people may have a treatment that includes different psychotherapy types. The type of psychotherapy an individual receives mainly depends on his/her needs. Here are some psychotherapy types-

  1. Integrative or holistic therapy - Integrative therapy is a combined approach to psychotherapy with multiple therapies used for the best outcome.

  2. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)-  Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps the individual to manage their negative thinking patterns and thought, thus helping them with controlling their negative thinking behaviors. 

  3. MET (Motivational Enhancement Therapy) - Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) is often employed in alcohol addiction and drug addiction treatment. Usually, a therapist helps the person to tap and enhance their motivation to resist the use of drugs.

  4. Group Therapy - It is a type of psychological treatment with sessions involving a therapist and a group of people sharing their life experiences. It provides a support network for individuals with mental health issues on a common platform to work on understanding themselves. It helps the individual learn, share and improve their emotions with the other peers who do have similar kind of problems. 

  5. Solution focused therapy - It is a solution-oriented treatment approach that focuses on helping the individual with addressing specific mental health issues such as depression, chronic pain, panic disorder, social anxiety, or substance abuse problems in a person. This type of therapy is an ideal choice for a person in making positive changes in their life depending on the nature of the problem. This helps a person with even adjustmental issues. 

  6. Family Therapy - Family serves as the core support to the ones dealing with mental health issues such as stress, depression. They are the best source of encouragement and help for the person dealing with a mental health problem.  

  7. Psycho dynamic therapy - It focuses on resolving the person's internal psychosocial conflicts that are thought to be rooted in childhood. It is also useful in treating self-injurious or negative behaviors.

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Who can avail a Psychotherapy Treatment?

Nearly everyone faces difficulties and challenges such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc in their lives at some point. When a person has personal problems, he or she need not necessarily overcome it alone. They can work with the help of a professional therapist and benefit from psychotherapy instead.

During the first session, the therapist and the individual may start with introducing each other. The person may be encouraged to discuss his/her life experiences and progress. The therapy will be structured and the sessions will remain private and confidential.

Some may involve discussions, while others may have activities. The activities will be tailored for skill development, trust building, problem solving

Psychotherapy treatment can benefit individual from talking to a Psychotherapist or a professional counselor during the process.

Therapy can help in addressing many life situations that are the causes of emotional distress such as-

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Psychotherapy Effectiveness:

With an effective professional, psychotherapy treatment even works better in a long-term. It is often more enduring than that of the medications and when combined with medications can even work wonders. Psychotherapy method is cost-effective and some studies have also shown that it causes lesser relapses of mental health problems.

Psychotherapy treatments are indeed effective. A research analysis study says 5 to 6 million people worldwide avail psychotherapy for depression and it is estimated more than 20% improvement in their recovery.

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If mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, loneliness, depression or etc are hampering you from doing your daily life activities, it is advisable you reach a mental health professional for specific treatment approaches. Because a psychiatric assistance does help!

Below given are some frequently asked questions about psychotherapy. Please do visit the questions and hope it can help.