School based Counseling

We at Cadabam’s Mindtalk are actively promoting mental health awareness by breaking stigmas take a stance against discrimination and oppression in any form and encourage the utilization of services by all students. We strive to create an atmosphere of openness, trust, and safety where all attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors can openly share and explore. We Cadabams Mind talk recognizes the unique needs and concerns of various groups on campus, including students and faculty.

School life can be a demanding & stressful experience for both students and faculty. Cadabams offers group workshops, Teacher training program, helpline services providing short-term counseling to support student’s growth and assist students with mental health, academic or other personal concerns that might interfere with their academic performances or a sense of well-being. 

Counselors work to support students in and outside the classroom through comprehensive programs designed to demonstrate personal and academic growth and experience positive and productive interpersonal relationship.

What do our counselors do? They..

  • Counsel students and help them understand psychological issues.

  • Assist students in exploring college and career goals.

  • Support students through various transitions.

  • Provide social and emotional support.

  • Help students resolve concerns such as bullying, parental pressure, peer pressure, teacher conflict, etc.

School based Counseling: Workshops for Students

Cadabam’s MindTalk conducts workshops to enhance emotional wellness in students that covers various issues by counseling students and help them live life a better and a happy life. Our counselor will be there at your school to help you through your emotional turmoils and help you to be a Better YOU at school and every walk of your life. Students are welcome to attend these workshops. 

Our emotional wellness program helps you implement practical skills and tools to get through your emotions & strive at excellence in not just academics, but in every walks of life and find definite useful solutions. 

School based Counseling focuses on covering various aspects of issues including empathy building, self-esteem, managing stress, interpersonal relationships, peer pressure, parental pressure, exam stress, drug abuse issues, anxiety, depression, life-skills development, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, aggressive and anger management issues, suicidal tendencies, self-harm behaviors, bullying and healthy use of internet. The program will also allow you to implement better balanced digital strategies so you can deal with dependency and stress that are linked together.

Our mission is to enhance social-emotional competence, which will help students to get along with each other and feel good about themselves.

School based Counseling programs for Teachers

Teachers play a vital role in the lives of pupil's as they play the role of their second parents and most importantly students tend to spend most of the time at school. Hence, teachers should be well-versed in supporting and recognizing a student's mental health problems and as well as their life situations better to promote a sense of mental well-being and to create an ethos that builds and promotes emotional strength in them.  

Our school based counseling programs for teachers enhances to educate about the importance of mental health first aid and the need to be there at the time of emotional crisis for students. They also learn how to have a work-life balance. Mental health first aid helps the teachers to

  • Recognize and identify the signs and symptoms of mental health problems in pupil's

  • Provide the initial help

  • Guide the students through the appropriate professional help

  • Take necessary action to prevent mental health problems from developing into more serious

School Counseling Services & Helpline for Students

We are collaborating with your school for enhancing emotional wellness in students through school wellness programs. Meet our counselor at your school and talk about anything which is bothering you. Our emotional wellness program helps your child overcome all the emotional difficulties of life and at school, and strive for excellence. We will provide 24/7 helpline assistance facility and counseling at school to help students get through their emotional turmoils of life and at school. 

Through our  School based counseling, the students  will  benefit by- 

  • Reduced emotional distress

  • Increased academic outcomes

  • Motivating you in exploring college & career goals.

  • Improved behaviors and attitudes  

  • Help you resolve concerns such as bullying, parental pressure, peer pressure, teacher conflict, etc. 

Who does it?

We have a team of 70 mental health professionals with extensive training and practice in providing help for various emotional issues. Our counselor will be there available on call to assist you with psychological issues and build emotional wellness. 

Teaching students to maintain emotional health and well-being is one of the main subjects of our program. Call us on our 24 hours helpline at 7353400999 and talk with our counselors to get the best help for your emotional turmoils. We are here to help you feel better and do better!

Get the help anytime and anywhere you need it.

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